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Rkatsiteli-Mtsvane Kvevri 2019

Original price was: 14,48 €.Current price is: 11,58 €.

Amber dry wine is produced from Rkatsiteli and Kakhuri Mtsvane grape varieties cultivated in Kakheti Region, by traditional Georgian method in kvevri. Wine is characterised with amber color and varietal flavors.

Wine goes with barbeque, steak and aged cheese.
Best served at 14-16 °C.



Rkatsiteli is used to produce white and amber wines. Rkatsiteli is the native grapevine sort from the Kakheti region of Georgia. It originates from the domesticated species of the Alazani valley. Most outstanding quality white table wine is produced from Rkatsiteli, which is grown in its homeland – in Kakheti, characterized by distinguished natural conditions in different local zones. Rkatsiteli makes noticeably acidic, balanced white wine with spicy and floral notes in the aroma.

Mtsvane is a high-quality wine grapevine variety also from Kakheti. Among different endemic sorts of grapevines in the Kakheti region, Mtsvane is used to produce the most tender and aromatic table wine. It is also used for making other high-quality wines of European (made out of only grape juice) and original Kakhetian (made of whole constituting parts of grapes) technologies. It has a long-lasting history of usage in wines from mixings with other grapevine varieties (including Rkatsiteli) for obtaining more aromatic and tender wines.

The wine of Mtsvane typically is greenish bright straw-colored, with a cheerful, tender, harmonious taste. In maturity, it develops a characteristic aroma distinguished by the composed flavor of fruits. Besides, the wine made by the Kakhetian method is dark straw-colored, fuller, and rich, with a more intense aroma and pleasant taste.


Destemming the grapes, sulfitation, adding the yeasts, fermentation for 1 week, at 27 °C, sealing, storing in kvevri, racking from pomace after 6 months, bottling.


Grape varieties: Rkatsiteli (85%), Kakhuri Mtsvane (15%)
Alcohol: 12.7%.
Reducing sugars: 2.75 g/l.
Titratable acidity: 4 g/l.
Volatile acidity: 0.35 g/l.
SO2 free: 24 mg/l.
SO2 total: 110 mg/l.
Dry extract: 24 g/l.
Total extract: 25.76 g/l


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