Getraders is a trading company that provides food and beverages to customers in Austrian, German, and whole EU markets. The service key element is providing the B2B link between wine and food producers and dealers and directing them to B2C connections.

We are composed of a mobile, professional team comprising both organizational skills and a competitive product dealing and referencing system.

We have strong partner suppliers with whom we pursue our activity in Austrian and German markets. The main partners supply us with high-quality wine and spirit products from Georgia.

We offer top-quality, delicate Georgian wine products. Among different traditional brands like Saperavi, Khikhvi, and others, the substantial advantage of our offer is that we are a single provider of Goruli Mtvane sort of wine on the EU market that originates from specific kind of grapes grown in the Kartli region of Georgia.

The future goal is to be established as a strong company providing Georgian Food and beverage products to the EU, emphasizing our core activity strategy – Making our customers’ live delicate.