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Saperavi Oak 2020 Original price was: 13,52 €.Current price is: 10,82 €.

Kisi Kvevri 2019

Original price was: 14,48 €.Current price is: 11,58 €.

Amber dry wine is produced from Kisi grape variety cultivated in Kakheti Region, by traditional Georgian method in kvevri. Wine is characterised with amber color and varietal flavors.

Wine goes with barbeque, steak and aged cheese. Wine is unfiltered and may have a natural sediment. Best served at 14-16 °C.

Brands:: Euphoria


Kisi is a grapevine also from the Kakheti region of Georgia, providing high-quality white and amber wines. It can say that Kisi has the actual properties of two major in-dustrial varieties – Mtsvane and Rkatsiteli. From Kisi a single and mixed sorts table wines are made. Pure Kisi wine is always valuable. High-quality single sort wines with origin from the villages Akhmeta, Kistauri, Ruispiri, and Ikalto are produced sometimes from Mtsvane, Kisi, and Khikhv, however more often they are mixed with Rkatsiteli. The long-lasting research and observation carried out by the Institute of Viticulture and Oenology of Georgia proved the value and quality of Kisi manifested in delicate properties of wine made of both European (made out of only grape juice)and Kakhetian (made of whole constituting parts of grapes) methods.

Destemming the grapes; sulfitation; adding the yeasts; fermentation for 1 week, at 27 °C; storing in kvevri; racking from pomace after 6 months, bottling.


Grape variety: Kisi (100%)
Alcohol: 11.11%
Reducing sugars: 2.92 g/l
Titratable acidity: 4.9 g/l
Volatile acidity: 0.3 g/l
SO2 free: 26 mg/l
SO2 total: 108 mg/l
Dry extract: 22.9 g/l
Total extract: 24.83 g/l


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