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Rkatsiteli-Mtsvane Kvevri 2019 Original price was: 14,48 €.Current price is: 11,58 €.
Mtsvane Kvevri 2020 Original price was: 14,48 €.Current price is: 11,58 €.

Chinuri-Goruli Mtsvane 2020

Original price was: 13,52 €.Current price is: 10,82 €.

White dry wine is produced from Chinuri and Goruli mtsvane grape varieties, which are cultivated in Kartli region, village Okami.

Wine is characterised by rippen melon, wild flowers and green apple flavors. Best served at 10-12 °C.

Brands:: Euphoria


Chinuri is a white wine grape variety from the Kartli region of Georgia. It is one of the famous white grapevine varieties, historically known in Georgia as giving quality production both in terms of wine and table grapes. Chinuri grapes are used for the production of Georgian delicate white table and sparkling wines. These may be made using the European (made out of only grape juice) method or the various traditional Georgian methods, including Kvevri technology. The wine produced from Chinuri has a light brown color. It is soft in taste, gentle, full-bodied, and substantial, with a delicate balance of alcohol and acidity.


Goruli Mtsvane is Georgia’s endemic and unique white vine variety from the Kartli region. Goruli Mtsvane has been cultivated for centuries and is known for is mineral characteristics, refreshing and crisp European style white wines. One of Georgia’s lighter-bodied wines, Goruli Mtsvane is best drunk when young and fresh, when it is floral, lime, and subtle honeyed notes are crisp and most vibrant. Goruli Mtsvane is also blended with Chinuri and Budeshuri Tetri for sparkling wines, most notably the PDO Atenuri.


Destemming the grapes, sulfitation, skin contact for 12-18 hours; pressing, juice settling, racking the juice, adding the yeasts, fermentation for 2-3 weeks, at 14 °C, storing in stainless steel vessel, clarifying wine with bentonite, filtering, adding the metatartaric acid and bottling.


Grape varieties: Chinuri (90%), Goruli Mtsvane (10%).
Alcohol: 11.6%.
Reducing sugars: 1 g/l.
Titratable acidity: 4.8 g/l.
Volatile acidity: 0.25 g/l.
SO2 free: 23 mg/l.
SO2 total: 94 mg/l
Dry extract: 16.1 g/l
Total extract: 16.14 g/l


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